Getting Up to Speed

Amy and Zack Guidry I’m a little slow to join most of society, but now I can offically say that I have a Facebook page. I must admit I did not think that it was of great significance to join such a site, given the fact that I’m on the web in many other places (i.e.,, Myspace, ArtistsSpace, THIS blog, …) However, being on one more website certainly never hurt anyone. What I didn’t realize, however, was that everyone is on Facebook. And I mean everyone. People I haven’t seen in decades (yes, I’m that old).

In addition to posting some of my artwork and my new video (, I have also posted photos of family, friends, and me, of course. And I even play along and post comments on what I’m currently working on, etc. So now you can get a more in-depth view into my world (I shudder at the thought- haha) and can see more about me as an artist. Just go to

To view more of my work, in addition to new paintings, go to

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