"Untitled" by Amy Guidry; acrylic on canvas; 4" x 4"; (c) Amy Guidry 2011; SOLD

The latest painting from my In Our Veins series has just sold.  I just finished it a matter of weeks ago, so I feel like it’s still hot off the easel.  I love working with small paintings given that I use such tiny brushes.  Sometimes it can seem a bit daunting to finish a large painting when it consists of meticulous dabs of paint.  That said, these small sizes are great for me and great for new collectors (or those with lots of art and not enough space!).  Untitled was the last of my 4″ x 4″ paintings, but I will be creating more at this size.  I will be posting them here, but I give my newsletter subscribers the first viewing, so if you would like first dibs, be sure to sign up here:

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