"Preservation" by Amy Guidry on the cover of the Denver Quarterly, Vol. 50 No. 4, 2016
“Preservation” by Amy Guidry on the cover of the Denver Quarterly, Vol. 50 No. 4, 2016

My painting Preservation is featured on the current cover of the Denver Quarterly.  Aside from being on the cover, I’m also happy to have another opportunity to get the message out regarding animal and ecological welfare.  The circle of leaves was an image that came to mind before falling asleep, and I made note of it in my sketchbook.  Using the leaves to replace the head (which is in keeping with some recent paintings where I use landscapes or trees in place of heads), represents the connection of all life forms.  Nature is so much a part of us that I freely use trees or landscapes in place of heads or limbs, just to emphasize that connection and significance.

The small lot of land the deer stands on is in reference to our dire need to conserve wild land and forests.  The natural space is shrinking due to deforestation.  All the more reason to plant trees and support organizations that preserve natural habitats.

In many of my paintings, I use the eyes and facial expressions of animals to convey a sense of connection and relatability, but lately I’ve been doing the opposite and feature animals without faces or covered faces.  I’ve been exploring the idea of Anonymity vs. Connection- without seeing their faces, does that make them any less personable or meaningful?  And how does this apply on a global scale?

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