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Where it all begins

Pages from my sketchbook (c) Amy Guidry 2013

One of the most popular questions I get is how I come up with ideas for my next painting or my next series.  I’m always coming up with ideas and sometimes they may not pertain to my current body of work, although sometimes they do, but either way, I catalog all these ideas, thoughts, and notes in my sketchbooks.  I keep a small sketchbook- well, it’s actually a diary, hence the lined pages- on my nightstand.  At night when I’m going through my mental checklist of stuff to do- the neverending list- I try to clear my head of all this stress and mental noise to come up with some of my best ideas.  That’s not to say that I don’t have inspirational moments during the day, but there are lots of distractions that can inhibit or halt the creative process.  Sometimes I get ideas or maybe just ‘tidbits’ from dreams, or sometimes an idea or a solution to a painting may just pop into my head once I’m rid of distractions and thinking clearly.  Either way, I keep my sketchbook handy and get these ideas on paper, no matter the hour, for fear of forgetting them later.  They’re not always the most legible and the thumbnail drawings are pretty messy, but it’s enough to jog my memory.



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